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Rainbow ray is a combination of seven colours together. So this is a very powerful and regenerating energy to work with. Rainbow allows you to lighten up, feel happier and more alive. It also opens the mystical realm and can connect you to fairies and your creativity.

Influence of i9 bottle upon water

i9 bottles are available in all chakra colours and they all enables water structure to be changed into its purest form, giving it the taste and effect of a fresh mountain spring. Through establishing right balance water regains natural molecular structure.

  • i9 BOTTLE ENHANCES YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE by giving you structured & vitalized water and by keeping your energy level high. i9 bottle enables water structure to be changed into its purest form. It becomes softer, a memory of fresh mountain spring. It helps you feel alive.
  • WATER FROM i9 BOTTLE CONTRIBUTES TO BETTER HYDRATION and supports our body’s ability to rejuvenate to become healthier and functions towards optimal manner. It’s a must have sport water bottle for the Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Athletes, Sport activities, Travel, Office, School…
  • POWERFUL ENERGY TAG on the i9 bottle has been awarded with more than 90 international accolades for its innovative approach in the field of health and wellbeing by adding harmony and balance to the quality of life.
  • MAINTAIN YOUR LEVEL OF HEALTH with informed bottle in chakra colors. i9 bottle with its informed water is also widely used by various therapists, e.g. naturopaths, bioenergetics, homeopaths and in many welness centres. If you are looking for the bottle that is healthy, non toxic and offers vitalized water that your body will appreciate, i9bottle is the right choice!
  • INFORMED WATER BOTTLE IS MADE OF GLASS and it’s a natural alternative to plastic bottles. i9 glass water bottle is the best Spiritual, Zen and Mindfulness gift for women and men. i9 helps people to live better lives and to feel better about their daily existence. Offers relaxation, hope, insight, and comfort to people from all faiths and all walks of life. Be hydrated, conscious, and ready to take the world with i9 bottle.
Information Imprint Technology

TP Tag on the bottle is based on researches  of Hydronic Technology as a part of Technology Poznik which positively affect the water in terms of its vibrational orientation and a high energy potential in the structure and electrodynamics of molecular compounds whatsoever. The changes are sufficient to influence on chemical reactions in the water and can alter the biochemistry of plants, animals and the human organism. This can be reliably confirmed by the biological Allium test, which allows us to observe the influence of changed water molecule association and altered angles of hydrogen bonds on the cell (i.e. chromosomes) which is the basic unit for all living creatures. i9 bottle is also certified by German Institut fur Elektrophotonik (Berlin).

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colour and its characteristics

Red (passion), Orange (inspiration), Yellow (sunlight), Green (harmony), Blue (relaxation), Violet (wisdom), White (purity), Indigo (intuition), Chakra (balance)

Why choose "Chakra" colours?
According to the principles of Chromo-therapy, the human body is composed of different colours. Lack of any colour potentially gives rise to disease. An individual is said to be healthy as long as the colours of the spectrum are in a harmonious state. Visible body parts have different colours and the same is true of the internal organs. The brain, eyes, lungs, heart, liver, intestines, kidneys, bones and blood all have different colours.


Why choose "Red" colour?
Everything vital begins with the color red. It is a color of energy, passion and action. Red is energizing and evokes our instinct for survival. All life force process and our senses are stimulated by this color. The energy of red is the connection between our body and the earth and relates to instinct, sense of security and survival skills. It also provides power from the earth and nourishes us on all levels. Red, in Chromo-therapy, is used to stimulate all circulatory functions. It increases the blood circulation which is important for your heart health. It is also used to fight against anemia, asthma, and lack of energy.


Why choose "Orange" colour?
The orange colour beams warmth, enthusiasm, and joy. It’s optimistic and uplifting colour, full of inspiration, and most often relates to youth. Orange helps assimilate creativity and new ideas and promotes a general sense of wellness. This colour influences how we deal with relationships, basic emotional needs and pleasures. It’s also the colour of success. In chromo-therapy it’s used as emotional stimulant. Healthy hair, nails, bones, and teeth are support by this yellow, since is the colour of calcium.


Why choose "Yellow" colour?
Yellow is sunlight. It brings hope and cheerfulness, indicates honor, produces a warming effect, and stimulates mental activity. Our sense of humor and optimism/pessimism is affected by yellow and plays a valuable role in digestion. Yellow, in chromo-therapy, is used to strengthen the nervous system, to support digestion and promote proper bowel movement. It also stimulates the brain and mental facilities.


Why choose "Green" colour?
Green brings peace. It is the colour of life and nature and represents growth, freshness, balance, environment, and money. It also supports strong emotional correspondence with safety. This colour is said to promote overall well-being, inner harmony and assist relaxation of thought and muscles. It is also known as the center of love and self-love. In chromo therapy green acts like balancing force and reflect the nature. It’s helps to relieve the tension and can lower the blood pressure. It is good for chest constriction and cell restoration.


Why choose "Blue" colour?
Blue is the sky and the sea. It represents open spaces, freedom, and expansiveness. It helps to increase communication on all levels. With this colour one learns to forgive and forget the past negative relationships that block the ability to be open to new relationships.


Why choose "Violet" colour?
Violet is often associated with wisdom royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. This colour heals the emotional attachment of desires and obsessions. This colour represents clear thoughts and balanced energy. Violet, in chromo-therapy normalizes all glandular or hormonal activity and helps to keep balance of sodium and potassium in the body. It has soothing powers and brings relaxation. Blue, in chromo therapy, has a relaxing effect. It helps to reduce heat and aids with headache. It is used to treat throat or vocal imbalances. It is not recommended for melancholia or depression.


Why choose "White" colour?
White purifies and raises the vibration of one's consciousness. It brings the harmony and vitality. It contains an equal balance of all the colours of the spectrum and represents both the positive and negative aspects of all colours. In chromo-therapy white is used to purify the entire energy system and promotes vitality.


Why choose "Indigo" colour?
Indigo is the colour of intuition. With this colour one learns responsibility, visual consciousness and trusting inner guidance. This colour also represents the experience of being part of the universe. In chromo-therapy indigo is associated with the eyes, ears and nose. Many eye troubles can be aided with this colour. It is also a good colour for sinusitis, and immunity problems. Like blue, too much of this colour can cause depression.