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The online shop “all2shine” wants to satisfy the needs of demanding customers, both individual as well as business customers. With this purpose, we are open to various forms of collaborative business models and partnerships that, on the one hand, enrich the offer and improve the user experience, and on the other hand help in the marketing and sale of the offered products and services.

There is a list of possible types of partnerships evident from below, however the list is not final. In case you want to become our partner or even you would like to introduce us a new form of cooperation or an interesting initiative that could be linked to our concept and possibly with our wider business ecosystem, please contact us using the partnership form below or send us an e-mail.

The individual partnership types are presented in more details. Depending on the partnership form we will ask you for more information, based on  which we can assess the suitability of the partnership.
In the event of interest, we will contact you. From this reason, please indicate the correct contact details in your message.

In our network of suppliers, we invite (1) producers of quality products that have the appropriate certificates and standards for sale on the European market and at the same time follow the values of an ethical, mature, sustainable society.

For sale in this online shop or via our other sales channels we also invite (2) authors of books, professional literature, manuals, webinars and other knowledge-based products and services, (3) developers of software solutions for individual or business use, which are in line with European legislation.

In addition to our sales services through this online shop we (1) help suppliers by opening other traditional and online marketing and sales channels, (2) offer tailor-made marketing, advisory, mentoring and training services related to the domestic and foreign markets entry.

Please send us your interest for cooperation through the partnership form below or directly to the e-mail address (partner /@/ Please, provide us with key information about your products and services, whether you sell them exclusively under your own brand name or also under the trademark of the seller, where they are already on the market, who are the target customers of your products and services, the proposal of your sales terms, the website address, where we can found more information about your products and services, and other useful information.

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