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We have prepared a rich source of information for the media, on the basis of which you will get to know us better. We also invite you to subscribe to all2shine eNews and we will keep you up to date with news. In addition, please visit the Partnership page to read more about various collaborative models.

Get To Know Us Better

We inform the general, business and professional public about news in our “all2shine” online shop through various online social media networks. We are gradually expanding to a larger number of online social media, and at the same time we are gradually introducing language versions.

In addition to our “all2shine” social media pages and groups, we also distribute our content through other “WOTRA” online social media presence. Therefore, follow us through one or more of the online social media listed below.

“all2shine” online social media presence
... and some of the several “WOTRA” accounts in online social media

This online shop with suppliers and buyers is only part of our WOTRA business ecosystem. The online shop is intended for all suppliers and providers who would like to expand the sale of products and/or services through our “all2shine” online sales channel. However, our services can be broader, as we can offer companies also consulting and training services in all development stages of a product or service development, i.e. from the idea of a product or service to preparation and entry into an individual target market or entry into an individual marketing and sales channel.

In order to gain insight into the breadth of our activities and our entire business ecosystem we are gradually developing, we invite you to visit also our other websites and portals listed below. They can be used either as additional marketing and sales channels and/or as a quality information and knowledge source.

Among our Services

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