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If you want to promote products and services offered in our “all2shine” online shop, we invite you to join “all2shine” affiliate programme. Depending on particular product or service, and on your sales performance, you can earn from 7% to 15% commission from the sold products and services based on your recommendation. Moreover, in individual periods (for example, during specific campaigns), we will even increase the commission, which will be notified enough in advance to all our affiliate partners.

The acceptance of the affiliate partner to the “all2shine” affiliate network is not automatic. We will carefully consider any expressed interest. We promise that our response will be quick. We want you to have a rich online social network and/or a quality blog and/or content-based website that is compatible with our products and services so you can promote the products and services from our offer.

Da biste se pridružili “all2shine” affiliate mreži, morate ispunjavati sljedeće kriterije::

  • Our affiliate programme is open exclusively for those who have a registered business either as a company or as a sole proprietor, sole trader, agent or similar. Natural persons without registered business will not be accepted.
  • In the application form, please also indicate in which language version(s), and in which markets you would like to promote products and services from our online shop. It must be evident from your online social media links and/or from your website(s) and blog(s) that you have rich number of followers or connections, and high quality website(s) or blog(s) focusing on relevant topics and customer segments in the selected languages and for the selected markets.
  • You may not advertise the products and services from this online shop directly or indirectly through unwanted mass email and/or SMS messages.

We reserve the right to refuse the application without explanation.

We guarantee all those who will be accepted into “all2shine” affiliate network:

  • cookie duration: 90 days;
  • dedicated affiliate team;
  • regular commission’s payment on the basis of your invoices issued;
  • real time statistics and reporting;
  • high quality promotional tools (e.g. banners, images, quotes and similar).

Still before you are finally accepted in our affiliate network, we will exchange more information with you and we will also provide you with our affiliate programme agreement.

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